poultry farming has existed in kenya for a very long time. Chickens, ducks ,turkeys, quails, geese, doves have been reared for their meat, eggs, feathers and fertilizer. However , poultry farming in kenya has mainly been for subsitance consumption with a few commercial farmers.

the current urbanization and staedy growth of urban population has created a bigger demand for poultry products in kenya. this surge in demand has seen increased uptake of poultry farming for commercial interests.

majority of poultry farmers in kenya keep chicken. this is attributed to the demand for chicken eggs and meat. small scalle poultry farmers prefer to keep indeginious breeds of chicken commonly known as kienyeji.

kienyeji breed is more resistant to tropical diseases and also doesnt require much preparation to keep. The farming style used is mostly free range system where the birds are allowed toroam free during the day. They fend for themselves as they slvage through the environment with supplement feeds from the keeepers. A shelter is provided for them for the night.

most middle scale and large scale commercial farmers in kenya keep commercial breeeds. These breeds include layers, broilers, kenbro, sasso, kuroilers.

layers are chicken specifically kept for eggs production. Broilers are kept specifically for their meat.Kenbro is a crossbreed that is kept for both meat and eggs but its generlly less


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