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Dear Customer, As we all collaborate to enhance preventative measures against COVID-19, we encourage you to minimize physical visits to our offices and utilize our online platforms. While at Nicehtach offices, customers are required to use hand sanitizers, maintain social distance and follow all Government advisories on COVID-19. Our customer service team remains available to […]

Types of disease affecting poultry

There are four main types of disease affecting poultry: metabolic and nutritional diseases; infectious diseases; parasitic diseases; and behavioural diseases. Metabolic and nutritional diseases These are conditions caused by a disturbance of normal metabolic functions either through a genetic defect, inadequate or inappropriate nutrition or impaired nutrient utilisation. These include Fatty Liver Syndrome, Perosis (or slipped tendon), Rickets and Cage […]

The principles of poultry husbandry

The principles of poultry husbandry There are a number of requirements by which animals should be managed so that the best performance is achieved in a way acceptable to those responsible for the care of the animals and to the community generally. These requirements are the keys to good management and may be used to […]

Feed Sanitation: Heat treatment as a method for the decontamination of poultry feeds Introduction

The traditional methods of reducing microbial contamination in feed raw materials have been compromised within the EU recently with the ban on the incorporation of formaldehyde as a feed additive (PT4). Within the EU this is being linked to an increase in Salmonella isolations. With the potential for reduced chemical use to control microbial contamination […]


In order to produce high-quality birds, backyard keepers should start their breeding plans and select candidates. This allows producers to evaluate the individuals in their flock and identify the strongest birds. This will help backyard keepers produce high-performance poultry and will let you know what traits to look out for and enhance with your pairings. […]

How to water a backyard flock

solar egg incubator in Kenya. Chickens need a constant supply of cool and clean water in order to meet their basic needs. There are plenty of watering systems available to backyard poultry keepers but choosing the best set-up for your birds can be confusing. Nipple drinkers, water fonts and self-contained systems safely deliver water to […]


Choosing the right incubator can be a challenge. In this article, our experts at Nice hatch incubators simplify and take you through the key factors you should consider when choosing an ideal incubator that will work for you. It is important to note that just like in any other preference; each farmer’s ideal incubator needs […]

Eager to Start Turkey Farming? Get the Tips

Keeping Turkeys is one of the greatest poultry farming choice whether you are interested in small or large flocks. One key advantage with turkeys is that they can tolerate crowded conditions and still give you a maximum return on financial investment. Turkeys are increasingly becoming a dominant domestic bird in East Africa region by peasant […]

Egg Quality: A Practical Approach Part 1

A fresh egg, with a clean, smooth, brown or white shell, a pure, deep-yellow yolk and a translucent, firm white — this is the ideal of the egg producer and the consumer. How can producers make sure that hens lay more eggs like this, and fewer with shell or internal defects? Formation of the egg […]