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Feed Sanitation: Heat treatment as a method for the decontamination of poultry feeds Introduction

The traditional methods of reducing microbial contamination in feed raw materials have been compromised within the EU recently with the ban on the incorporation of formaldehyde as a feed additive (PT4). Within the EU this is being linked to an increase in Salmonella isolations. With the potential for reduced chemical use to control microbial contamination […]


In order to produce high-quality birds, backyard keepers should start their breeding plans and select candidates. This allows producers to evaluate the individuals in their flock and identify the strongest birds. This will help backyard keepers produce high-performance poultry and will let you know what traits to look out for and enhance with your pairings. […]

How to water a backyard flock

solar egg incubator in Kenya. Chickens need a constant supply of cool and clean water in order to meet their basic needs. There are plenty of watering systems available to backyard poultry keepers but choosing the best set-up for your birds can be confusing. Nipple drinkers, water fonts and self-contained systems safely deliver water to […]