In Kenya the types of poultry farming practised are follows; layers, broilers and kienyenji.

Kienyenji is the most economical and marketable as it is dual purpose type of poultry. Improved kienyenji chicks can begin to lay eggs after 4 – 5 months. The following is estimated cost for raising 100 kienyenji chicks once you have a structure build to house. The cost may vary depending on time and the locality.

  • 100 Chicks 3 days old kshs.10,000

  • Chick mash 8weeks old kshs.16,800

  • Growers 1 weeks old kshs.24,225

  • Vaccines kshs.2,200

  • Equipment (feeders, drinkers) kshs.5,500

  • Miscellaneous kshs.8,000

  • Totals kshs.66,755

Agricultural sectors is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in Kenya. Many youth are currently picking up agribusiness as a full time venture or ‘side hustle’. Poultry farming is one super way to get into the agribusiness considering that little space is required for startup and the fact that currently solar egg incubators Kenya are now freely available .

A poultry farmer can invest in as follows; hatching chicks for sale, rearing layers for selling of eggs for consumption, rearing cockerels and hen with an aim to sell fertile eggs, rearing poultry breeds for meat e.g broilers, rearing poultry breeds for aesthetic purposes e.g guinea fowls, ostrich targeting tourist and rearing of cockerels to sell as breeding cocks.


  1. Otim Grace says:

    Am interested in purchasing a solar powered egg incubator. with egg capacity of 3000. Please Advice on the cost .and transport to Mbale Uganda

  2. Millicent says:

    I would like to purchase a small egg incubator but i dont know which type of it will be best for me since i have seen many varieties making me get a little confused, kindly help .am in eldoret

  3. Atuhaire george says:

    Iam interested in buying a solar incubator, and chicks layers but iam asking do u have a branch in Uganda because of transportation purposes

  4. Duncan Gitonga says:

    I am a volunteer looking forward to keep improved Kienyeji for eggs to support children of prisoners. the venture will be INSIDE Nakuru main prison where the prisoners stay. The market is also readily available. The proceeds go towards support in terms of school supplies, medical expenses and any other need we identify. Please let me know if you would also want to partner with me observing that this is a charitable venture

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