this is an intestinal disease caused by fast mulitplying parasites that damage the intestinal lining, depriving the absorption of nutrients by the body. the birds will affectted look droopy, pale and a withh ruffled faeathers. The birds die quickly and in big numbers within a short time.

Fowl chorela

This is a bacterial disease that is very contagious, and can result in high mortality. One major characterisstic of this disease is appearance of yellowish colouration on birds’ droppings, or yellowish or greenish diarrhoea. The affected birds look droopy and feverish.

Fowl typhoid

This is a disease caused by bacteria that can cause mortality in birds at any age Although mostly chicken are susceptible , it also infects turkeys, guinea fowls, sparrows, parrots, among other birds. The affected birds are characteristised by ruffled feathers, look pale ,drooping , loss of appetite and pale orange coloured diarrhoea.

Marek disease

This disease is a Herpes virus infection usually affects respiratory and is highly contagious. It attacks the nervous system causing progressive paralysis of the limbs (Paralysis of legs, wings and neck) .The is evident Loss of weight, Grey iris or irregular pupil,Vision impairment and the skin around feather follicles raised and roughened.


The feathers around the vent are usually stained with faeces containing plenty of urates.This is a viral infectious disease. It is highly contagious in chickens. Gumboro infection is characterised by inflammation . The feathers around the vent are usually stained with faeces containing plenty of urates. The birds also Also, diarrhoea, appear depressed, anorexia, ruffled feathers.In chicks, gasping coughing and sneezing is observed and ater nervous systems. Birds may be

New Castle Disease

This disease highly contagious and is characterized by marked variations in morbidity, death rate, symptoms and lesions. The birds affected can be seen sitting on their back hock joints ,walk backwards or in circles, or hide their head between their legs.

Fowl Pox

It is characterized by typical pox lesions in the form of wart-like scabs on the face, comb and wattles.

This is a viral deasese. Its characterised by skin lesions and/or plaques in the pharynx and affecting chickens, turkeys, pigeons and canaries worldwide. the birds also appear to have Depression, inappetance, poor growth, poor egg production. Also Warty, spreading eruptions and scabs on comb and wattles is eveident.

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